Replacement Vehicle Keys

Our advanced programming equipment for making replacement vehicle keys or spare keys allows us to create a key to match your current vehicle’s immobiliser. We make sure to program the transponder chip in your new replacement vehicle key allowing the vehicle to start when the key is turned in the ignition using the latest advanced programming equipment.

PT Auto Locksmith Specialists in Tamworth, Staffordshire recommend that you have a spare key to your vehicle because this is a cheaper option than purchasing a brand new key. Save yourself some money and have a spare key made for your vehicle.

Contact us today to find out more information. PT Auto Locksmith Specialists can also help with lost vehicle keys and broken vehicle keys throughout Tamworth and Staffordshire and we also offer a 24/7 mobile vehicle locksmith service.

If you should lose your car keys, your local main agent will instruct you to change the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and immobiliser, along with the full lock set. This will cost you up to £1500! However, at PT Auto Locksmith Specialists, we can have you back on the road from as little as £150 (depending on the make and model of you vehicle.)

Our fast car key replacement service enables us to produce a new set of keys within just one hour. In comparison, your local main agent will take over a week to hand over new keys; this process includes handing over logbooks, ordering keys and programming.

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