Vehicle Key Programming

Cars, vans and motorbike keys are now fitted with electronically-coded transponder chips which are embedded in the plastic body of the key or remote fob and the code from the chip is read by the car when you turn the key in the ignition.

If your vehicle’s keys transponder chip is broken or missing the engine won’t start. PT Auto Locksmith Specialists in Tamworth offer services to repair broken remote keys, key fob programming and can also replace lost transponder keys.

Our auto locksmith specialist can attend your vehicle, gain entry (without any damage), cut & program new vehicle keys at the roadside, your home or place of work usually in under 1 hour.

PT Auto Locksmith Specialists caters to private vehicle owners, motor traders and companies with a fleet of vehicles. With 98% per cent of all none remote type keys in stock at any time, we ensure we can carry out your work efficiently.

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